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Author Visits

Award-winning children’s book author Roselyn Kasmire first moved to Buffalo as a young adult eager to pursue a career in special education. As a teacher in Buffalo, Roselyn has drawn from her first-hand experience to write enlightening books that provide life lessons she feels can help guide children. By telling stories through animated characters that children can identify with, Roselyn hopes her fun and colorful books will both entertain and educate young people.

What makes Roselyn’s books so influential is that her stories not only bring to life the many issues that children face every day, but she also incorporates lesson plans that revolve around each book. These lesson plans are tailored to the child’s current skill level so that children of all ages can share in the experience.

When Roselyn visits as an author, it is an all-day, fun-filled event. She will spend the day with each grade level -- from pre-k to third grade -- reading the story "The Adventures of Jasper," which encourages children to make healthy choices. If the author visit is in the Western New York area, children will be delighted with a guest appearance by Bobby Banana, a character from the book. Through it all, Roselyn will emphasize the reasons why children should eat healthy by making healthier choices.

It doesn't stop there. For grades fourth through sixth, Roselyn will offer a 15- minute presentation on the writing process to explain how a book is written and to demonstrate how illustrators use the same process to create art for a story.

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